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Peace of Mind, Piece of Art

Our main objective at TH Graphic Installations is to provide our clients with the most professional and highest quality custom graphics services available. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship that you will be able to find across the industry.

We understand the commitments you have made to brand your business. We value the opportunity to help you find the identity you are trying to share with the world. Let us help you attain your goals with our professional services.

We provide the assistance you need along every step of the way through the digital imagery process. Whether its needed help designing and creating a logo to convey your image, or perhaps you already have a logo and need help branding it. Maybe you need specialized print services. We offer all of those services in addition to being able to see the project all the way through production and installation processes.

Your choice to work with us is important to us. We understand there is great competition in the world. We can make the promise and then stand by that promise, that we will do what is needed to provide you with the highest customer satisfaction possible. Thank you for choosing to trust the professionals here at TH Graphic Installations.



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Get to Know TH

My name is Tyler Housholder. I have been a sign and graphics professional for nearly 20 years.

When I was in my youth, My parents provided me with the opportunity to play with the greatest toy ever invented. They had great wisdom in providing me with those little plastic blocks, Lego's.

Little did I know that while I was spending my days building pirate ships and staging battles between the different castle empires, my mind was actually creating a path for my future.

Lego's offered infinite opportunities to satisfy the creative nature of my mind. Those endless hours of being imaginative then led to different avenues of creativity for me in my adolescent years.

When not occupied with my Lego's, I was often sketching out architectural plans for homes, tree-houses, cars, or other fantastical designs.

When I began High School, I already knew that I was going to grow up to be an Architectural Designer in some form. I was committed to that goal and did very well in school while beginning the path to that profession.

As I began working in the field and having my first taste of what it would be like, I quite enjoyed it. However, that soon changed. It didn't change because I lost any desire for it, but rather I found something that offered an even greater creative outlet. That was Graphic Design and Sign making.

So, I have spent the last 20 years, and all of my professional life, working on building my unique skill set in this wonderfully creative profession, and I have loved every minute. I have no regrets. I owe so much to my parents for seeing the value in providing me with a toy that is creative genius. Those little plastic blocks truly helped shape me into the professional that I am today.


Work Experience

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Nam Interdum, Creative Director
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Tortor Quis Ante, Art Director
Gravida Ultrices, Art Director






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